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Massage & Spa Services

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Beach Facial

Massage & Spa

                             Swedish                 Therapeutic

30 Minutes                        $40                              $50           

55 Minutes                        $75                              $90           

90 Minutes                        $110                            $130         


Therapeutic modalities include going further into the muscle and surrounding tissues through pressure, lymphatic drainage, myofacial, trigger point and other techniques discussed with your therapist.

Cupping, Body Polish and Body Butter Treatments can be added for an additional $25

Couples Massage    

55 Minutes                                                             $165

90 Minutes                                                             $230

Relax  together in a couples room for a great pampering experience.

Hot Stone Massage

75 Minutes                                                             $105

Using the warmth of heated volcanic stones.  Hot Stone cannot be offered in a couples service due to the equipment setup.

Sole Revival

45 Minutes                                                             $50

Relief for tired feet! Using the art of reflexology combined with hot towels, foot scrub, and foot mask.

Sinus Massage

30 Minutes                                                             $45

Gentle pressure for the scalp, neck, and sinus area is combined with steam and a special cream containing Eucalyptus and essential oils if desired.

Hand & Foot Stone Treatment

55 Minutes                                                            $65

Hot Stone treatment focused on hands and feet for a unique massage, complete with warm towels, seasonal mask and ending with cool therapy.

The Flex Zone

45 Minutes                                                            $55

Specific massage utilizing therapeutic modalities to address sports injuries, repetitive motion injuries, golf/tennis elbow, sciatica and problem ares.













Facial Express

45-60 Minutes                                                        $50

     - With Enzyme                                                   $65          


Gentle mask cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating.

     Customized Facial    

60 Minutes                                                             $75+

A facial designed to fit your needs.

Microdermabrasion / Glycolic Peel

60-90 Minutes                                                       $90

Minimizes hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring, and stimulates cell growth and renewal.


60-90 Minutes                                                        $125+

A hydrating, exfoliating machine used to extract and infuse serums.

Derma Planing

75 Minutes                                                             $95

Smooth skin, no peach fuzz, removal of dead skin cells allowing greater absorption of skin products and brightens the skin.


75 Minutes                                                             $150

The insertion of very fine short needles into the skin to promote increase in collagen, elastin production and improves the look of scars.













Hair Removal

Lip, Chin or Nose           $10        Back Wax                  $55

Eyebrow Shaping           $13+      Partial Leg Wax        $50+

Facial Wax                       $45        Full Leg Wax              $75+

Underarm Wax               $35        Ear Wax                     $10+

Bikini Wax                        $40+      Brazilian Wax           $75+

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