Massage & Spa Services

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Beach Facial

Massage & Spa

Skin Treatment

                             Swedish                 Therapeutic

30 Minutes                        $40                              $45           

55 Minutes                        $70                              $85           

90 Minutes                        $95                              $115         

120 Minutes                      $130                            $150


* Therapeutic Services include Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial and Sports.  Pregnancy Massage available after 12 weeks*

Cupping, Body Polish and Body Butter Treatments can be added for an additional $25

Couples Massage    

55 Minutes                                                             $155

90 Minutes                                                             $210

120 Minutes                                                           $280

Relax  together in a couples room for a great pampering experience

Hot Stone Massage

75 Minutes                                                             $105

Using the warmth of heated volcanic stones for your massage. Hot Stones cannot be offered in a couples service due to equipment set-up

Sole Revival

45 Minutes                                                             $50

Relief for tired feet! Using the art of reflexology combined with hot towels, foot scrub, and mask

Sinus Massage

30 Minutes                                                             $45

Gentle pressure for the scalp, neck, and sinus area is combined with steam and Eucalyptus cream and essential oils if desired













Facial Express

45 Minutes                                                            $50           


Gentle mask cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating

     Basic Enzyme Peel    


60 Minutes                                                             $65

Relax  together in a couples room for a great pampering experience

Advanced Customized Facial

60-120 Minutes                                                      $75+

Requires consultation.  This facial can include a variety of treatments for individuals' needs.  High frequency LED, TCA, glycolic peel, or necessary enzymes

Microdermabrasion / Glycolic Peel

60-90 Minutes                                                        $90

Minimizes hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring, and stimulates cell growth and renewal

Derma Planing

60 Minutes                                                             $95

Smooth skin, no peach fuzz, removal of dead skin cells allowing greater absorption of skin products and brightens the skin


90-120 Minutes                                                     $250+

The insertion of very fine short needles into the skin to promote increase to collagen, elastin production and improves the look of scars













Hair Removal

Lip, Chin or Nose Wax   $10        Eyebrow Shaping     $13+

Facial Wax                       $45        Underarm                  $35

Bikini Wax                       $40         Back Wax                   $55

Partial Leg Wax              $50+      Full Leg Wax              $75+

Ear Wax                           $10+      Brazilian Wax            $75+