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Tuesdays & Thursdays

3:00 pm.m or 4:00 p.m. - Reservation Required

30 Min. Sessions - Up to 6 Clients

Under $10 Each


3000 Green Mountain Dr.  Suite 106 C, Branson, MO 65616


Body Works Personal Training is a facility dedicated to your specific needs.  We have an amazing team to accommodate all aspects of life, including overall Health & Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Sport Specific Training.  Our goal is for clients to have a Longer, Happier, more Productive Life!

One-on-One Sessions


Body Transformation / Overall Wellness

  • 55 Minute Individual Session

  • Specific for Individual Goals, Desires, & Needs

  • Focused on YOU!

Sports Specific Training

$55.00 Per Person

Small Group Pricing Available

  • 55 minute training session

  • Maximum Performance, Strength, and Skills

  • Minimize Injury Through Proper Technique and Flexibility

  • Education on Muscle Mechanics

  • Focusing on being the Best Version of you!



Friends, Spouses, Father-Son, Etc.

  • 55 Minute Combined Session

  • Body Works Personal Training believes that pursuing fitness with a partner increases your chances of success.  We stand behind the notion that there is no one better to motivate you and hold you accountable than family.  We will guide you through a workout that is specifically designed for both of you.  We are committed to helping you lose weight and build muscle with your family

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